Range Rover Classic Advice

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Range Rover Classic Advice

Postby buddidge » Sat 12 Aug 2017 12:24 pm

Hi all,

I've got an old rr classic which was given to me by a friend of my dads last summer, was in lieu of some IT work I did for his company.

The idea was to keep it for me and my dad to use in winter as we live in a fairly rural area.

Unfortunately though I'm now going to uni next month I need to sell it as I cant warrant keeping 2 cars but don't really know where to begin, hence this post.

Looking around online at other ads and it seems to be quite the difference in price for what people ask, some going for a few hundred whilst other similar looking cars going for thousands, and not having paid for it in the fist place myself I don't really know where to begin.

I appreciate the old "people will pay what they want" stance but where do I begin?

Is it worth sticking it on eBay as an auction, or on LRO and the likes for a static price? and what sort of starting prices should I be looking at?

Not being a land rover person either I'm not sure what bits to point out as good or bad etc but here what I know so far...

1991 Range Rover Classic Vogue
2.5 VM diesel
5 speed manual
Aspin Silver
Original alloy wheels inc 5th for spare
Electric windows and sunroof
Heated front and rear screens
Air con
2 previous owners (kept in the same family)
2 boxes of spare parts
Original land rover work shop manuals (not a Haynes jobby, 2 full binders from lr)

Recently had it MOT'd by a local garage who's owner has 2 classics himself and he stated that the chassis is in very good condition, obviously I'm not sure how much if any weight that would carry though.

Since I've had it this is the work I've done on it, all parts direct from land rover bar the batteries:
Oil, air and fuel filters changed
Oil drain, flush and fill
2 new head lights
Break switch replaced
2 new batteries
couple of rear bulbs
Safety Pedal anti theft plate

It drives absolutely fine with everything working as expected inc all electronics and high/low ratio.

Bad points:
Rust on the bottom of one of the doors
Bottom part of split rear door has had a rust patch removed by previous owner and red oxide painted on it but hasn't been painted back to body colour
roof liner is sagging at the back
No rear seats

There could be more good and bad points but as I said I don't really know what to look for on it.

Any advice on where to even begin with this let alone where to put it up and at what sort of prices would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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Re: Range Rover Classic Advice

Postby discool » Wed 29 Nov 2017 4:59 pm

Hi Rob, that's a discretion it makes it sound a gem, any reason for not mentioning the mileage? or just you forgot. :) shame it's a diesel :(
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