Signature Picture Size

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Signature Picture Size

Postby Forum Admin » Thu 06 May 2010 7:38 pm

There have been a number of complaints about signature picture sizes and quite frankly, some of them are now stupidly large!! Consequently, could you all please limit signature pictures to the maximum size allowed within VGA resolution. The forum software has been set to prevent display of images any larger than this

As an example, the picture below is 530 x 340 pixels which equates to a total pixel count of 180200 and falls well within the confines of VGA but still gives an acceptable picture size.


If you need to ascertain the size of the picture you are using, right click on the picture and select 'View Image Info'. The box that pops up will give you the size (width and height) in pixels. Multiply the two numbers together to get the total pixel count. Standard VGA is 640px x 480px (total 307200px)

If you are having trouble displaying a signiture picture, go into the User Control Panel, select 'Profile' and 'Edit Signiture'. Look at the three check boxes under the text box. If the 'Disable BBC Code' box is checked, uncheck it. Then save the changes. Hopefully your signiture picture will now be displayed.
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