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CB Radio Help

Postby side-show-bob » Mon 21 Mar 2011 5:47 pm

I have just fitted a midland 70-099 radio and it has a range of 30 feet (if i am lucky) i know this as i fitted one to my mates at the same time. We adjusted the squelsh so we could hear each other (very crackly) when the landys are side by side, i think i may have wired the arieal in poorly. I used PL259-6C compression plugs i am not sure if i have wired them up correctly, i think i should have soldered the main center terminal and i am not sure if i put the outer screen in the correct place. Could this be why i have very limited range?

Also can anyone tell me what the hi/low switch is for on the rear of the unit?

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Re: CB Radio Help

Postby Trev. » Mon 21 Mar 2011 8:24 pm

The hi/low switch is an output attenuator. Leave it on the hi setting.

Did you SWR it when you fitted it?
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Re: CB Radio Help

Postby spinks » Tue 29 Mar 2011 9:18 am

if your worried about the integrity of the antenna DONT use the CB's until you have checked it out
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Re: CB Radio Help

Postby fsmr » Fri 06 May 2011 10:31 pm

spinks wrote:if your worried about the integrity of the antenna DONT use the CB's until you have checked it out

After wiring up a CB plug, it is advisable to remove the antenna from its mount and test the centre pin to the outer (should connect to the braid ) for short circuit as its easy to get a strand of brading to short across
. Also check for continuity
The SWR (standing wave ratio) is measured with an inline SWR meter and is the relationship of the antenna to the transmitter and cable. Basically, if too high i,e short or missing or wrongly matched antenna, then the high SWR causes high voltages to develop which can enter the TX and blow up its output transitors, the higher the power output,the worse this gets!!
I would suggest you have either a broken cable or dry solder joint or short across the center to braid. Normal ground level line of sight should be easily 2-5 miles and even more if elevated. In the 80s, We used to regularly get from the hills of high Leicestershire up to the derbyshire peak district 60 miles away and even 100 miles down to Harlow Essex on 4 watts mobile i.e standard power with a K40 antenna
Hope this helps
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Postby dave18 » Wed 11 May 2011 4:55 pm

Sounds like something is wired wrong, I would cut off you connections and make new if you have enough cable, Also how is the whip earthed and bolted too??? On my VW Baja i used to get about 4-6 miles in town and slightly more out of town and was with the tip of the aerial around 8ft if that.
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