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Registration approval required

Postby mcharnley » Mon 25 Aug 2008 2:38 pm

Regular members know that we are getting plagued with spam. As a result all new users are required to register before getting approved.

If you register and are not approved within a few hours (working hours that is!) then this could be because you have not filled in your profile fully.

To make this easier then please fill in your profile :-

Location, Not your exact address but approximately!
Vehicles, What do you have. If you don't, what would you like.
Interests, Obvious really but it helps.
Websites, list websites you like, preferably ones related to this site.

Fill your profile in. With this information you will get approved quickly. If not then I will take more time before approving your request for membership.

Thanks! This is the only way to reduce the spam we get bombarded with.

If you don't get approved within 12 hours then email me, it's in my profile! Provide the above information and I will sort it.

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