Towing light socket adaptor

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Towing light socket adaptor

Postby peterg2673 » Mon 26 Jun 2017 5:22 pm


I'd like to tow a non military trailer with my 1986 ex Army 90 soft top.

I'm keen to keep the vehicle original (apart from the addition of a drop plate and towball which can easily be swapped for the NATO hitch) so don't want to wire in a new lighting socket.

Where can I buy an adapter that connects a military lighting socket to a 7 or 13 pin plug? Failing that just a plug so I can wire up my own adapter?


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Re: Towing light socket adaptor

Postby Ralph » Mon 26 Jun 2017 7:15 pm

if you have the matching military plug then just make up a adaptor loom with the usual trailer plug/ssocket from any motor factor,Halfords or your favourite car spares shop.
You might find a military plug on ebay ... Sw2gxYqXBn
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Re: Towing light socket adaptor

Postby Purpleflarge » Fri 30 Jun 2017 2:43 am

Hi Peterg2673,

This is the type of plug you need not the 19 pin one Ralph posted to. ... Sw03lY62KA
But some one has already made one for sale on ebay. ... Swd~RZR92W
I actually have one of the military plugs that I wired up so I can connect 12N and 12S on one side of the drop hitch and 13 pin euro plug on the other.

I also wired up a switch inside the vehicle so I can run extra ignition controlled electrical circuit to power things like fridges in caravans, using one of the spare convoy light sockets when the switch is on.
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