1972 Series III 2.25 Cylinder Head Compression Dilemma

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1972 Series III 2.25 Cylinder Head Compression Dilemma

Postby jonahnaylor » Mon 25 Sep 2017 12:50 pm

Hi I wonder if anyone can help.

I've got an 8 stamped on the raised centre bolt platform of my cylinder head, so I must have a factory 8:1 cylinder head on my petrol Series III 1972.

However she has always smoked a lot (but it does clear after running for a bit) and I saw the opportunity to buy a refurb head which is already Unleaded petrol ready with hardened valve seats, new valves and valve guides & seals fitted as well as it having been skimmed.

Lovely I thought! Then I realised that the refurb head has a 7 stamped on there!! Can I safely fit this head, or do I have problems if it is 7:1 compression with my pushrod lengths damaging the engine?

Apparently the new head already has been skimmed, but I don't know how much or how to check if it is already 8:1 or 7:1.

I've read a bit online about getting it measured at a machine shop etc, but wondered if any of you experienced landy crew could offer any advice or ways to check etc. I don't fancy trying to figure it out by eye! haha.
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