repairing leaf springs advice please

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repairing leaf springs advice please

Postby yellowgeorge » Thu 03 Aug 2017 8:12 am

Hi all would like to know about some leaf springs on my series 3.

I had replaced the fronts with parabolics after one of the leafs on the old origional leaf spring (top leaf i think) had snapped.
Had had the old springs retensioned previously but was not really a success which is why i went paras.

Well now i am getting the vehicle up together to sell but would like to put the old springs back on and keep the parabolics for other uses

So my question is it possible to have a new leaf put in the old springs without having to have it on the car as dont want to put them all on before the springs get rebushed and repaired.

Any thoughts ?
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Re: repairing leaf springs advice please

Postby wylfaboy » Thu 03 Aug 2017 8:22 pm

I would have thought it was the best way to replace a leaf - not to have it on the vehicle, but I could be wrong.
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