Installing a WEBER carb............

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Installing a WEBER carb............

Postby lupusrex » Fri 21 Dec 2007 5:35 pm


I´ve tried to find some pic´s on the web how the throttle linkage should look when installing a Weber carb onto the manifold where an old SOlex used to be. The movement of the Solex is opposite the weber, so do I reverse the arm moving the carb linkage from the bottom position to a top one and can I use the parts on the car or do I need something more?

The installation manual leaves a bit to desired...........

Any info most appreciated, pic´s preferred if possible.

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Postby tordbob » Fri 21 Dec 2007 11:24 pm

on mine the webber linkage is on the side next to the bulkhead and the bottom bracket of the linkage rods from the peadle is bolted to the bulkhead support bracket. i think you might need an adaptor plate to marry the webber to the manifold but am not compleatly sure.i think the plate rotates the carb through 90 degrees so as the linkage is in the right place.mine came with the engine so not sure how a standard on goes. hope this is of some help.
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Postby series11Auk » Sat 22 Dec 2007 7:26 pm

you need to reverse the linkage or change it from a later series 2A or 3 as these were fitted with the zenith carb so they are a straight swap for the webber. and you also need the adaptor plate from a zenith aswell.

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Postby AndyPagin » Fri 28 Dec 2007 12:48 am

The installation leaflet leaves a lot to be desired, like telling you its only a straightforward swap for a Zenith!
If you can use a mig welder you can spin the throttle linkage that connects to the push rod from the bulkhead through 180 degrees (I mean the plate bolted to the wing that clouts the plate connected to the carb pushrod) and weld a 2.5" plate to it, thus reversing the way the two plates meet, believe me its more obvious when you look at the parts in situ. I did this and it works perfectly.
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