Seat Belt Rack Rag top SWB

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Seat Belt Rack Rag top SWB

Postby dellyend1 » Tue 13 Jun 2017 6:45 pm

Hi All,

After many years without a series landy (have had 4 in the past), I am picking up a Series IIa in the next couple of weeks.t The landy is very original and I want to keep it this way other than fitting seat belts.

I've researched it a bit and think the Exmoor Trim rack would be the best option

1. Can I fit three inertia belts onto it as I don't like the thought of a lap belt for my son in the centre seat?
2. Does the Exmoor kit come with spreader plates to put behind the fixings ?
3. I have read installation means a clash with having the spare wheel behind the bulkhead, so a related question is:
4. Does the original series bonnet wheel mount work if you don't have a dished bonnet ?

Apologies if these are obvious questions, but as I say, it has been many year since last involved with landies.

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