advised strongly agaisnt double cardan front propshaft....

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advised strongly agaisnt double cardan front propshaft....

Postby bristolbulldog » Thu 22 Sep 2011 4:57 pm

I called up chards in bristol. These guys made the propshafts and sorted the drivetrain for the james bond aston martin, and they have a fantastic reputation.

I called them up, and the chap (nigel i think, line wasn't great), to my suprise (having read so many posts about it solving the problem) strongly advised me against a double cardan front propshaft to take out the over-run vibration i am getting on a lifted range rover classic.

Admittedly he didn't make an alternative suggestion, but i mentioned the wide angled propshafts being a mixed bag with regarding to resolving the issue, and he wants to see the vehicle to measure the angles required, and come up with a solution. Could be i just caught him offguard, but I'm a tad suprised he said it was pretty much a botch.

anyone been offered similar advice? i will update here once i get his suggestion, but these guys really know their stuff, so i am intrigued. thoughts?
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Re: advised strongly agaisnt double cardan front propshaft..

Postby pressbrake » Thu 19 Jan 2012 9:22 am

In a way he is correct, being that when designing and building a vehicle prop flanges should be kept close to paralell in its range of movement to keep the kinematics correct.
That said the landrover front radius arm arrangement prevents this from happening due to the constantly changing angles and the drivetrain inclination of 3 degrees in favour of the rear.
So in the perfect world of 4x4s with multi link suspension with perfect roll centres hes correct, in the real world hes ignoring the easiest solution as used by the factory on disco 2s!
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