Freelander 4x4 system

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Freelander 4x4 system

Postby maxlandy » Mon 19 Mar 2007 10:53 pm


Forgive the ignorance but could anyone explain how the freelander 4x4 system works. I am moving from a Defender to freelander. The basics I have, but the IRD system I dont know.
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Postby freelance » Mon 19 Mar 2007 11:22 pm

freelander is basically a front wheel drive, the ird box which is bonded to the back of the internal diff changes the direction of drive through 90 degrees to transmit drive to rear axle, in the middle of prop to rear is a vicous coupling which detects when front prop is faster than rear and cuts in to provide power to rear axle, a crude but cheaper to engineer than the original David Brown 4x4 system, neverthe less it is suprisingly effective in offroad situations, but it is a system that needs regular health check up.

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Postby maxlandy » Tue 20 Mar 2007 12:48 am

thanks for the there anything I could check myself or would it have to be a dealer?
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Postby garrycol » Wed 21 Mar 2007 1:20 am

Obvious symptoms of a locked VC are load on the engine - like the handbrake is on - may even stall when backing with the steering on full lock. Rear tyres can scrubb out but not always. To test the VC jack up the rear right wheel, have the car in 1st gear and release the handbrake - remove the small center cap from the rear wheel and put a socket onto the large hub nut with a long breaker bar - after taking up the drivetrain slack apply steady heavy pressure to the breaker bar in a clockwise direction - the wheel should very slowly turn - if you jerk at it, the wheel will not turn. If the wheel turns, the VC is OK - if it will not turn the VC is locked - do not drive the car as the IRD and/or rear diff WILL fail. If you need to drive the car remove the entire drive shaft (2 shafts and VC) from IRD to the rear diff - the car will drive OK in front wheel drive - do not be tempted to just remove one shaft.

Hope this helps

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