How do I permanently seal sunroof? Sikoflex/silicone?

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How do I permanently seal sunroof? Sikoflex/silicone?

Postby chittybangbang » Sat 14 Mar 2009 6:23 pm


the sunroof on my 3 door is just starting to leak, the mechanism is stiff and I don't need or want a sunroof. I did briefly toy with replacing the entire roof, but price has permanently stopped that.

I spoke to the local specialist and the dealership and the advice I was given was - wipe down the sunroof and roof with a solvent that will evaporate - brake cleaner was mentioned. Then run good quality masking tape around the edge of the roof parallel to the sunroof rubber. Seal with black silicone sealant and rub a finger over the sealant to give a good edge.

This sounds good. I also intended to remove the handles from the inside or you can guarentee that someone will try and open the sunroofs.

Assuming this is the best course of action (and please correct me if it isn't - and no I don't want to replace the sunroof assembly) - I have a couple of questions...

1) What is the best solvent to use - turpentine, paint preparation wipes, brake cleaner, etc?

2) What is the very best sealant to use - I don't just want one that'll do, I'm happy to order one off the internet if needs be, I've heard of Sikoflex (or is it Sikaflex/silkoflex? But never used any.

3) Can I just remove the handles or do I need to seal the mechanism with a screw? Can I replace the roof consoles with some from a non-sunroof model that never had handles in the first place.

I am looking to do a really neat, long lasting fix here.

Many thanks for any help.
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Postby Mikey1970 » Sat 14 Mar 2009 6:31 pm

You can make the sun roof both water tight and operational. Remove the sunroof and clean every surface of everything to within an inch of it's life. give the glass touching part of the seal a generous dawbing with vaselene then with the black window sealant, refit the sunroof but don't fasten it down straight away, leave the sealant to go off for a while THEN tighten the bolts and refit the other bits and bobs.
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Postby davidcarr » Sun 15 Mar 2009 11:46 am

If you want to permanently seal your sunroof shut, clean it up with any suitable solvent but the finish with meths. To weatherproof try using Dow Corning 791 silicone in black, available from Screwfix 62431 £4.89. I've used it on vehicles in the past and never needed to go back to it.
Hope this is of use

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Postby chittybangbang » Sun 15 Mar 2009 1:29 pm

Thanks folks, this has been useful. The mechanism is barely moving and feels like it is about to break, si I'll definately be sealing it up permanently.

Postby Dads toy » Sun 15 Mar 2009 7:16 pm

If you never ever ever want to take it out then Sikaflex is the stuff. You can get it from caravan shops or boat places. It sets reasonably quickly but you will have to wait for your skin to re-grow before it comes off your hands!
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Postby D2Essex » Sun 15 Mar 2009 8:35 pm

Personally Sikaflex 221:

see ... t=sikaflex

I have 1 unopened tube of it as I bought 2 - pm if you're interested.

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Postby chittybangbang » Wed 18 Mar 2009 2:47 pm

Just sent an email off to Sikaflex - I'm sure 221's the right stuff but I've asked a detailed question and they're having a technician reply sometime this week - they do loads and loads of different sealants and adhesives and I want to be sure I'm using the tight one, I'll post the response when they get back to me.

If it is 221 I'll send that PM,


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