TD5 no headlights

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TD5 no headlights

Postby Zephyr » Thu 07 Dec 2017 11:04 am

Morning all,

My 2000 TD5 110 has recently decided it likes to drive with no headlights, just side lights. It decides this at random whilst driving along.

It did it last week and I swapped the relays around and it worked, until this morning when the lights went out and the relay trick isn't working. So I'm now at work and have approximately 5 hours to get it sorted before it gets dark again!

Recently I've been getting the rear windscreen heater symbol pop up on the dash when I brake during damp weather, I don't have a rear windscreen heater... so I'm assuming some sort of water ingress which is upsetting things?

Ideas and thoughts much appreciated!

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Re: TD5 no headlights

Postby ridgeback » Sun 10 Dec 2017 11:16 pm

Check your earth on the dipped headlights cirquit. Mine does this from time to time and its just corrosion. Does main beam work or are both not working? Do you have fog lights wired to your MB if so water/rust in that relay could be the problem especially if the electrician put it in the engine bay instead of the battery box to save a couple of metres of copper wire.
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